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According to ISO17011:2004 Accreditation means: Third–party attestation related to a conformity assessment body conveying formal demonstration of its competence to carry out specific assessment tasks.We are also authorised to carry out accreditation activities outside the validity of the Accreditation Body Act and the Regulation (EC) No. 765/2008. Invoices issued for these non-public authority activities are based on the fee schedule for NISABinternational activities.

About us

Non-governmental International  Standardization Accreditation Body (NISAB) is an independent accreditation body established to operate accreditation structure and promote quality through its own Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulations.

 NISAB was established in Canada to provide accreditation to deliver on four goals relating to Integrity and Confidence, Trade Support, Linkages, and International Acceptance.

Accreditation facilitates international reputation by the way of establishing equivalence and global acceptance of certification, inspection and testing being undertaken by various conformity assessment bodies, in areas of quality, environment, food safety etc.

 NISAB aims at promoting quality by enabling manufacturers and suppliers of goods/ services to apply quality standards and tools and simultaneously empowering consumers to demand quality goods/services. The promotion of quality encompasses all segments including manufacturing, health, education and public services.

We have  as a non-governmental organization  maintain our relationships with the members of the ILAC/IAF:

NISAB is a non-governmental organization that  Registered in  Association of Official Analytical Chemists AOAC International one of ILAC's members

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